How do you Milk Happiness? Share Your Happy Moments!

Take action in the now by owning and savoring the good feeling happy moments of your life.


Release your happy thoughts into the Universe!!! You contain it all, so decide to become the happy ideal image of yourself that you have conjured in your mind. When you know what makes you happy and you practice the feeling of happiness, the universe will yield to you the people, places, and events that are a vibrational match to your greatest desires.  Acknowledge the moments that feel so good you don’t want it to end and share it. These moments are the building blocks of your preferred self:)

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Your milk happy thoughts…

sitting under a tree reading a book

25th June, 2018

Drinking a hot cup of mint tea before bed

29th June, 2018

Focus on the things that are good and pure.

27th December, 2018

Admiring the random kindness of strangers

27th December, 2018
North Carolina

Bike riding by the ocean

26th July, 2018

hanging out with high school friends

29th June, 2018

Writing a book by the fireplace in winter

12th July, 2018

talking on the phone through the night with a long time friend

29th June, 2018


Evening Mint Tea

As you sip your evening mint tea, the only thought that should be present is all is well. For many, mint tea is known for helping achieve mental focus and calming an upset stomach. For me, it helps to adjust my emotional state. I sit back in my chair, I close my eyes,...

Classic Ice Cream Sandwich

I remember the sound of the ice cream truck as if it were yesterday.  The excitement that rushed through my veins as I grabbed every single coin off my dresser.  The ultimate choice was the classic ice cream sandwich. I was determined to keep the ice cream...

Mid-Day Brownie

Please look for me mid-day at the work cafeteria dessert table trying to pick the best double chocolate chip brownie.  There is something beautiful and comforting about a brownie that has no hard sides, a soft center, vibrant color, and a drizzle of powdered sugar....

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